Sunday, October 31, 2010

1 last poem for Halloween!

Last year I wrote quite a few poems that were written as "Childrens" inspired poems but were so inappropriate for kids that I never even put illustrations to them. At some point I would love to put some incredibly inappropriate poems and illustrations into a book but until then, here is my favorite one.

(This poem is not directed towards anybody so if you would like to get angry over its content, please go cry to somebody else, not me. Thank you!)

As I’ve become older, Ive been shit out of luck

So for this years costume idea I don’t give a fuck

I went to the store and bought some fake tits

With a skanky ass dress, lets hope it fits

Made a bottle of medicine for some STD’s

A plastic fake ass that some bros can squeeze

Applied plenty of cheap make-up and went out the door

With a trail of broken condoms behind me on the floor

Made out with fifty-five guys in one single night

With some nasty high heels to add some height

Took a few colored markers and drew some tattoos

If she’s reading this now, I hope I amuse

Asked my neighbor if she had a blonde wig she could lend

Cause this Halloween I’ll be my disgusting ex-girlfriend

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