Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Move to Brooklyn

My best friend Jon (artist/film maker) and I recently moved to Brooklyn to pursue our dream. To put it in the most simple terms possible, it is a very interesting, but complicated music project/band we have titled, "Fashions". Fashions will consist of the best up and coming songwriters/vocalists around the country willing to collaborate. Although "New Wave" based, all different genres will be used and each song will sync up to a strong video/visual element that corresponds with the concept. I do not want to give everything away because there is a lot we have planned, but eventually once everything is completed our touring live show will consist of everything from collaborators to short films during the set, to light shows to a traveling art show (with the best artists work from around the country), and many more surprises we have up our sleeves for this collaborative live spectacle...MUCH more to come in the future.