Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Paying Tribute To Morgantown's Young Artists

I have recently moved away from my home for the past few years of Morgantown WV where I was lucky enough to meet and work beside quite a few up and coming artists that I hope will continue to expand and produce their body of work. I am now residing in Charleston SC until January when I move to NYC, but I would like to pay tribute to a few of the local Morgantown artists I have met along the way. Morgantown WV may not be the most well known spot to look for new artists but I assure you that isn't holding any of these hard working newcomers back. I would like to give credit where it is deserved and I feel that these few people have earned it.

All images and work are copyrighted to these artists. I had no part in creating any of these works or the images taken.






Monday, August 16, 2010

Full House Painting (in progress)

I have currently been working on a rather large Stained Glass Series Painting of the cast of "Full House". I have run into a few problems here and there but now things seem to be on track and I am working on this full force. I enjoyed painting dead rock stars as saints but now I have decided to pretty much portray whoever I want as a saint so why not Bob Saget and his whole crew? Check back in the upcoming weeks for the entire finished painting.

Here are some rough pics of what I have accomplished so far...

Sunday, August 15, 2010


I have recently had prints made of my art work (thanks to Wild Zero Studios in Morgantown WV) and I must admit, I couldn't be happier with the way they've turned out. The prints are about 18x12 inches and cost only $40. I am only producing 50 of each and they are selling fast so buy yours now. Contact me on linehamm@yahoo.com and I can mail the prints out to you.

These prints came in the mail today and on top of looking great, they're just soooo much fun to hang out with! You should do the same!

Just kickin back with my prints...

Marvin Gaye print was telling us some jokes.

Spotting Johnny Cash print.

Prints love to cuddle!!!

Reading them a story. I don't think Johnny Cash print enjoyed the plot too much.

AAAHHHH You caught us in the shower!

Rockin out with my new friends to Rock Band!!! John Lennon print has a new high score!!!


A good friend of mine by the name of Logan Jones has been kind enough the past few months to allow hundreds of creeps play music, put up art, and attend art show/parties at her house. So far an estimate of 75 to 100 people have showed up at each one and theyre only getting bigger. More people need to follow in her footsteps and take supporting local artists and musicians into their own hands. Thanks Logan. (Keep an eye out if you're in WV for the next show at 508 Beechurst)

Below are some pics of my outfit at the erotic art show in late July...